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In the Rivne region Anatoly Kovalchuk made visiting reception of citizens in Sarnensky Dubrovytsya areas and

Acting Attorney Rivne region Anatoly Kovalchuk 08.04.2015 held visiting appointments by the place of residence and Sarnensky Dubrovytsya areas in place to understand the concerns of local residents PICpryyaty in their speedy resolution. Anatoly Kovalchuk took 10 people who turned to him for help. Most of the issues that bothered residents mentioned areas related to criminal proceedings preliminary investigation by Internal Affairs. Many requests were for protection and use of land, protection of the constitutional claimRabbi and freedoms, including the violation of labor legislation on health care and more. In particular, residents Sarnenski district complained about inadequate medical care & treatment patients. Two citizens zvernulysyasya for the protection and restoration of their rights violated in connection with the release of their work. Youkonuvach duties prosecutor took all requests from private reception, and provided the appropriate explanations. Initial reference to the prosecution Anatoly Kovalchuk instructed prosecutors to solve these areas on the ground in the statutory period of mandatory notification of the results of their review of applicants and the prosecutor's office atblasts. Some applications on behalf of the device manager will consider regional prosecutor's office. Note that in order to facilitate access of residents to guide regional prosecutor's office, on-site techniques carried out regularly. This method of communicating with people gives prosecutors the ability to respond quickly to violations, identify troubleing in the organization of the local prosecutor's office, and claimants - a necessary legal protection. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office