In the Zhytomyr region rescuers teach children and adults how to act in an emergency

In order to review and study population basics of fire safety, roses ’ explanations for life safety and, of course, the promotion of the profession rescuer, April 8, in the territory Brusilovsky School-III c. 1 (town Brusiliv) andLyubar secondary school I-III. 2 (pp. New Lyubar) almost simultaneously held public events « Prevent. Save. Help & raquo ;. Exhibition of equipment and fire-rescue techniques that unfolded near schools, caused universal respect for present and obvious delight, and most importantly – showed the material-maintenance improving rescue « 101 & raquo ;. To present belief that this technology really quickly able to save a human life, the men showed DSNS work safety equipment for conventional fire extinguishing. Shown as rescuers cut car during traffic accidents to getthence victim. Also in action was invited physicians who have demonstrated to all present how to provide first aid. &Laquo; During such preventive measures as adults and the younger generation with interest the actions of rescuers and learn a lot of interesting and useful. Especially many questions moDr. smallest observers, many of whom impressed decisive action firefighters and dream of becoming saviors. These measures DSNS workers demonstrate the possibility of fire-rescue techniques and the ability to act in emergency situations. It is important in these situations do not panic and call rescue service by calling « 101 », - espeity interim Duty ’ yazky Head Office in Basil Kuchyn. At the end of the holiday all participants received souvenirs in the form of flags with symbols DSNS and useful publishing and printing products with the rules of safety of life at home and in the street. West were satisfied all – as there are soand organizers. After Action « Prevent. Save. Help » once again proved that Nadzvychaina « & raquo ;, 101 although the state is in the form inherently – folk. Its fighters are able to not only eliminate emergencies and teach people the rules of safe behavior, but also give a good mood around. In DSNS inZhytomyr region