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Ivano-Frankivsk firefighters rescued an elderly woman

April 8 at 23.34 h. at a mansion in the village Zahvizdya Tysmenytsya District fire house. On fire locals immediately reported to the Rescue by calling « 101 & raquo ;. To place a call immediately was sent to the State Fire and rescue workers rescuednoho post with. Yamnytsya parts and special fire-rescue equipment rescue special unit of the Office of DSNS in. At the time of the fire in one of the rooms of apartments was 86-year-old housewife. Rescuers at a window accommodation, reached the woman and brought her to fresh air. Employees fasthealth care, in turn, was taken to a pensioner Regional Hospital. How can ’ it turned out, she was poisoned by carbon monoxide. State of the patient, ascertain physicians moderate. Meanwhile, rescuers quickly began to extinguish the fire. Because of the strong smoke in the room for an hour they had to work in protection devicesrespiratory and vision. At 00.17 h. fire was localized, and at 00.38 h. repaid. The fire destroyed the overlap in the area of ??15 square meters, window, door, two beds, household items, damaged buildings covering an area of ??4 square meters, The cause of the fire is under investigation. Management DSNS in VIDEO