Lutsk TSNAP once again confirmed its continued creation!

Since the opening of the Center for providing administrative services in Lutsk (02/07/2013) less than even 2 years, and number of visitors is increasing. If the first months of daily number reached 200 - 300 people in December 2014 - 500-600 visitors in March 2015, this number exceeded 700. And April 7 visitor who asked for the service of obtaining a warrant to remove the green plantings, registered in the electronic queue at number 770. As the monitor, the most relevant for this day as well as during the first quarter of 2015 were services of central authorities, namely, registration etc.and de-registration of residence of individuals in Ukraine, providing information office of the State Register of rights to immovable property, registration of declarations of readiness for operation. Administrators TSNAP do everything possible to increase the number of visitors is not worsened quality of services provided. Department of "Center of administrative services in Lutsk." This was reported in Lutsk City Council