In the Volyn region culprit deadly accident sits behind bars

Prosecutor Horokhiv supported public prosecution in the criminal proceedings against 36-year-old inhabitant of the village green, which is June 10, 2014 committed a traffic accident fatalities. While driving drunk ch ’ yaninnya it moving down the road spolnite-Berestechko peas, lost control and collided with a roadside tree. As a result of the accident one of the passengers - 49-year-old resident of the village green - received injuries of moderate severity, the other - his 41-year-old odnoselets - died of injuries. The defendant guilty in court recognized fully, frankly rozkayuvaall guilt and asked him not to punish severely. The mother is deceased asked for strict punishment of the accused. Horokhiv District Court verdict Volyn Oblast man convicted of the crime and sentenced type 4 years imprisonment with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of 2 years. This postsomyly the press service of the prosecutor's office Volyn region