Zhytomyr was launched a mobile consulting office

To help the public get the necessary information on civil protection, security of citizens in today's conditions, management DSNS Zhytomyr provides informational support to the population through mobile consulting office, which on February 12 began its work in the field of massof occupancy. On the first day of the rescuers, together with representatives of the regional organization of the Red Cross Ukraine and educational center of Civil Protection and Life Safety conducted a large-scale information-devel ’ yasnyuvalnu outreach regional center on the rules of behavior under threat or wineyknennya emergencies. Everyone could get cards, view displays and posters with information on action in emergency situations, and look personally try to provide first first aid. Representatives of the Red Cross have demonstrated how citizens impose tight floor ’ connection to the limb,do CPR, wound process in the case of thermal burns like. Rescuers also with representatives of educational-methodical center of civil protection and life safety, in turn, proved to present public rules of conduct in detecting explosive device or suspicious object, procedure for signal « & Attention allraquo ;, evacuation procedure how to use primary respiratory protection and provided consultancy advice to citizens on how to overcome difficult life situations. It is expected that mobile point will work not only in Zhytomyr, but also in the region. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/