Ternopil Regional Council will promote the legalization of the use of all minerals and quarries Ternopil region and return distilleries status of legal entities

This regional council head Vasily Hominets said during the board meeting of the Ternopil Regional State Administration. "All the subsoil should work legally - it is an axiom -said head area. - When making decisions on subsoil Regional Council takes into account the opinion of local communities, encouraging entities and local governments to coordinate the issue of mineral resources with local communities at the public hearing and conclude agreements on social package etc.For the development of the territory in which minerals are extracted. During the meeting with the heads of district councils I asked them to study in detail the issue of the use of mineral resources in their territories to ease any illegal use of our natural resources. " Basil Hominets also noted that the Regional Council twice appealed to the leadership of the state uit's one situation in the alcohol industry. Deputies believe that the union of all distilleries in the company "Ukrspirt" destroying an industry that was once one of the main filling local budgets and provide jobs, and therefore appealed to the government to return the Ternopil distilleries status of legal persons. During the board meeting eyelysya questions about the preparation and conduct of complex spring field work in the farms of the region, state calculation for energy consumers. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council

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