In Ternopil region as a result of an accident overturned car

Three injured as a result of transfer of the vehicle was taken ambulance to the hospital. Information about the accident in Ternopil police station said emergency dispatcher. On April about seventeen hours on the road buffoon-Myshkovychi,Proshova near the village, the driver "Moskvich - 2141", 1978 born, lost control and turned over the vehicle. At the time of the accident in a car with a driver had four people. Three ambulance was taken to the medical institutions in Ternopil. One of the passengers was in intensive care with traumatic brain injury, concussion of the cityozku and slaughter wound temporal area of ??the head. Two others - driver and passenger without waiting policemen, escaped from the hospital. Blood, selected from the driver, showed that the man was drunk - 1.93 ppm. In place of accidents went investigative team, but the car at the accident was not. He was found Guardiansand landing, three hundred meters away from overturning. The police have identified the passengers. All men - villagers buffoon. The event included a YERDR under Article 286 part 1 of the Criminal Code - breach of traffic safety or operation of the vehicle by a person driving the vehicle that caused medium grave corporalno injuries. Ongoing investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/