Lutsk commemorated

prisoners of Nazi concentration camps were held in the city on the occasion of the International Day of the release of prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. At the memorial complex "Eternal Glory" was laying flowers at the ceiling "to the victims of Nazism" with the head of the regional state administration Vladimir Hunchyka, head of the regional council BaValentin wind, City Council Secretary Sergei Grigorenko, Deputy Mayor T. Yakovleva, representatives of institutions, enterprises and public organizations. Priests of Holy Trinity Cathedral memorial service celebrated, it was headed by Metropolitan and Volyn Lutsk Michael. The audience asked RSA chairman VolodymyrHunchyk p. He said that we should always remember the tragic events that have been in our history. Thanked Luciano, who came to honor those who died in concentration camps, focusing on what we need to give tribute to those people who innocently killed should be grateful to everyone who has been removed tortured by the fact that now theiddayut life for the unity of the motherland. These people, their fate should be a warning to us all to such terrible milestone in our history will not recur. Vladimir Hunchyk wished everyone good health, harmony and peace. Those present honored innocent minute of silence. Subsequently, participants moved to Volyn museum, where servedAsya meeting of former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps on the city public. And for a week in secondary schools of the city are lessons storage, meeting with former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and other educational events to mark the International Day release prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. In the library is organized institutionsLiterature at the exhibition to mark this date. This was reported in Lutsk City Council