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In Ternopil on the road section Mykulyntsi - village. Friendship started full replacement of the roadway

full replacement of pavement on the road section Mykulyntsi -smt. Friendship Terebovlia area began April 8, employees of the roads in the Ternopil region. According to Acting Deputy Head of Ternopil aboutlderzhadministratsiyi John Babiychuk according to the instructions of the Head of Stephen Barney, our first region in 2015 began the complete replacement of the roadway. "Road repair patching spent over 30% of national roads - said John Babiychuk. - Administration will do everything in order to improved quality of roadsAsya constantly. " According to the head of the Road Ternopil region Bogdan Yulyka, the section is made complete replacement of the roadway with arrangement of two layers of asphalt. "Stretches of road length 1km 200m plan to finish already 10 days - said Bogdan Yulyk. - Then the results detour seats concentrationradio accidents will gradually remove them. Overall, in 2015 we have repaired about 100 km of roads. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration