The first victory pupils member Khmelnytsky territorial department of Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Khmelnytsky detours have all the opportunity to realize their dreams and vocation. Each time they prove worthy to compete and win - in competitions and in life in general. Each overcomes his difficult path to the final. The very young for such scientists is toezlich chance to express themselves. From 30 March to 6 April 2015, Kiev held the final round of Ukraine-defense scientific research students-members of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in sections departments of history, computer sciences and engineering. About a hundred winners of the regional stage of the competition were able to compete not justin knowledge on the subject, but also to discuss the memorable milestones, to prove that it applies to every citizen. Many times during the contest was said the idea of ??studying the historical heritage of the Ukrainian people and nations of the world as proof of identity and cultural originality of each. The honorable third place in the section "Ethnology" branchesHistory of Victoria won Kovalev, a student of class 11 Kamenetz-Podolsk Lyceum, supervisor, teacher of history, Atamanchuk Sergei. Young and technology experts in computer technology excelled in knowledge of material science, computer systems and networks, environmentally sound technologies and other promising sectors comp 'Books and engineering, demonstrated and defended their scientific and technological inventions. Each of the three participants, representing Khmelnychyna in the department of engineering science has successfully passed the competitive stages (correspondence evaluation of scientific work of student performance in basic subjects, defense research) and won the final: - This is Yatsukrhiy A., a student in grade 11 Netishynskoho educational complex "School-II levels and high school" - first place in the section "Scientific and technical creativity and inventiveness", supervisor, teacher of physics Yuriev Yuri Leonidovich; - Seniv Ekaterina Romanova, a student of class 11 Starokostiantyniv Lyceum named M.S.Rudyaka - IIplace in the section "Material", supervisor, teacher of mathematics Seniv Ludmila. - Roman S. Zubov, a student in grade 11 Slavuta regional specialized boarding school in-depth training of students in science, - second place in the section "Environmentally friendly technologies and energy saving", supervisor, teacher phizyky Smith Victor Lyudvyhovych; The information was