In Rivne exposed cases of corruption in land relations

employees of the Office of the State Service for Combating Economic Crime Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region documented illegal activity secretary of one of village councils Rivne region. The official abusing his official position, forged and published an excerpt fromthe village council decision on the transfer to private ownership of the land area of ??0.25 hectares for the construction and maintenance of commercial buildings. As the head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine UDSBEZ in Rivne Oblast Duma Vitaly, according to regulatory and monetary valuation value of the land citizen is 47 000 USD.Actions secretary of the village council have elements of the offense under paragraph 1 of Article 364 (abuse of power or position) and part 1 of article 366 (forgery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Officials announced on suspicion of a crime and materials of the criminal proceedings directed for trial. SZEMMIA Ukraine Rivne region