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Uzhgorod firefighters eliminate fire in a building

on the night of April 8 there was a fire in a residential house in the village. Shyshlovtsi Uzhgorod district. Owners mansion at the time of the fire slept at home. Their neighbors noticed the windows of the fire that engulfed the roof, woke up at 3:25 and hosts call to emergency services « 101 » ;. To eliminate fire at the scene firefighters sent two branches. Due to the late arrival message to the soldiers of the 14th and the 15th state fire and rescue units-story apartment building was fully engulfed in flame ’ pits. At 5:03 the fire was able to localize, at 08:20 – completely eliminated. The cause ofcurrently with fire ’ yasovuyut police. Damages are set as flame ’ I destroyed the roof, trees ’ yane floors of residential houses, windows and doors, as well as household goods. In addition, a fire had blackened the walls of the house. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region