In Lviv police stopped activity immediately three underground gambling houses

employees of the State Service to combat economic crime Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region, April 7, in Striy exposed and stopped the activities of three underground gambling, which provided services to gambling nature. Underground gambling establishments, theoztashovuvalys in local theater and in non-residential premises near the railway station. Their activities are carefully concealed from others, constantly closed door locks. This entry was entirely limited to casual gamers. During the searches authorized police found and seized gambling withakladah more than two dozen slot machines and computer system unit, through which carried gambling. The condition of participation in gambling player was making bets that allowed him to receive winnings. In addition, police found three thousand, which were obtained from gambling and commeentatsiyu. On this fact openly criminal proceedings on the grounds of a criminal offense provided st.203-2 Part 1 (occupation gambling) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article punishable by a fine of ten to forty thousand times the income of the confiscation of gambling equipment. Guardians Lvivschyus once again warn the public about criminal liability for activities in the gambling business. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region the materials UDSBEZ Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region