Students Ivano-Frankivsk higher professional - art school number 3 visited Visiting rescue

Mass Rose ’ yasnyuvalna work among the population has different forms, one of them is to familiarize residents with Carpathian Fire and Rescue Service. April 8 at 50 boys – students Ivano-Frankivsk higher professional - art school number3 who are pursuing trades for woodworking companies visited the lifeguards to learn directly from one of the most risky and most needed male professions. The young man told the specifics of this complicated life that knows no holidays or weekends, statistics on fires and other emergencies at terytory region. They also reminded elementary, but such important rules of safe behavior at home, while enjoying the outdoors. Particular attention was paid to action in finding Munitions during fires, explained how to behave in case of obtaining information about or evacuation alert. Indeed, in our difficult chasi acquaintance with the rules that affect the safety of life is critical. Also a tour with boys Fire and Rescue Exhibition Carpathians. Pozhezhnytstva acquainted with the history and the most important stage of its development, with technology and equipment that are in service in the rescue. For boys, this meeting had a lasting impressionMany of them for the first time directly confronted with this service, felt the importance and heroism, and even imagined myself mentally future firefighters. It is possible that over time the ranks of young rescuers popovnyatsya and these boys that just one day came to visit and unexpectedly found his calling here … Management DSNS in raidssti