In the Zhytomyr region negligence during smoking in the house was almost killed

people April 7 at 19:50 on the item called ’ communications 7th State Fire and Rescue village of Luginy received information about a fire in a residential building, located on one street in the district center. To rescue « 101 » calleda neighbor who lived across the street. Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters found that cell fire inside the building. Coordinated and responsive actions fighters DSNS fire was localized at 19:58 and finally eliminated at 20:30. However, the fire destroyed Q1. of floor, wall and damaged household goods. Obviously Laterytsya event said that seeing smoke from a nearby house, she immediately notified rescuers. The woman knew that the house lives a man who frequently abused alcohol. So without wasting time with the villagers ran to the scene. To get to the house through the door was impossible, acrid smoke filled the entire house. After defeating the window, they aregot included into the room. There, in one of the rooms, the bed, people found the sleeping man. Waking him, the villagers brought the inhabitants to fresh air. From the man refused medical care. Probably the fire was due to negligence during smoking drunk. Now all the circumstances established by experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr aboutoblast