Rivne: if you want to take ownership of weapons? Contact the police!

So who need to apply to the Interior (hereinafter - ATS) to obtain a permit to purchase weapons inspector said the permit system Ostrog MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region Andriy Kravchenko. The police are granted for the purchase of these typesWeapons: - Hunting rifled, combined and smooth-edged weapons; - Gas pistols and revolvers; - Domestic devices for shooting of cartridges equipped with rubber bullets. For each of these weapons to the police must submit various documents listed below present. Hunting rifles, combined, chadkostvolna and cold steel To obtain permission to purchase a hunting rifle, combined, smooth receiver weapons, citizens should submit the following documents: - A written request to issue a permit to the head of the police; - Full-card application; - Hospital medical report on the absence of contraindications that prevent prydbHannut weapons; - A copy of the insurance contract; - A certificate of passing the study material of weapons on the handling of it and use; - Payment order (receipt) of the bank 'fees for the issuance of a permit. Permits are issued for the purchase of weapons citizens police officers after a passport or documentand that identity. Unused permits shall be returned to the police. Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations permits the acquisition, storage hunting, smooth, rifled, combined fire, air and knives after receiving of a report, certificate of employment, paymenttion order (receipt) of the bank 'fees for the issuance of such a permit and filled-card application. In turn, for authorization to store, carrying firearms hunting, smooth, rifled, combined and air gun, crossbow owners in ATS serves - A written request to issue a permit for a namethe head of the police; - Three photos 3x4 cm; - Duplicate permit to purchase firearms with a note on the store sold weapons or other document confirming the identity and source of the weapons; - Payment order (receipt) of bank payment services for the registration of weapons; - A copy of the insurance contract, if not granted under obtainESI permit to purchase firearms. Gas pistols and revolvers For permission to purchase gas pistols (revolvers) people (except those who are authorized law-enforcement body for storage and carrying hunting and departmental firearms) submit to the authority of the Interior: - A completed card in the application; - Two photographs size3x4 ohm centimeters; - Conclusion (certificate) medical institution (medical qualification commission) prescribed form; - The receipt of services related to paperwork to issue a permit to purchase gas pistols (revolvers) - for each unit. For permission to store (wearing) gas pistols (revolvers) ths owner (user) submit to the police as root permission to purchase specialty shop with a note on the sale of gas pistol (revolver) and receipt (payment order) for payment of services related to paperwork for issuing permits for storage (wearing) gas pistols (revolvers). Devicefirst domestic production for shooting cartridges equipped with rubber bullets To obtain permission to purchase domestic devices for shooting of cartridges equipped with rubber bullet, individuals are allowed to store and use such devices shall submit the following documents: - Report (application) to the Chief UASM (VASM) about yougiving permission; - A completed card-statement; - Certificate of service (work); - A medical certificate to obtain a permit (license) for facility licensing system; - Certificate of training completion and delivery of tests to study the material of devices implementing rules and security measures; - The receipt of services for the issuance of such a permit. To obtain permission for storage and carrying submitted the following documents: - Report (statement) to the Chief UASM (VASM) on registration of purchased product; - 2 photos 3x4 cm; - Duplicate authorization store with a note on the implementation of the device or other document confirming the source of income and ownership of the device; - Receiptstion of payment services for the issuance of a permit. Storage weapons Weapons storage also plays an important role in obtaining permission, because before issuing police officer will visit you must visit to check the storage of weapons. Hunting Fire (gas) weapon must be kept at the place of residenceyvannya in metal safe (box), specially made for storing weapons, which closes an internal lock. Safe (box) for storing weapons should be attached to the floor or wall, and the weapon must be unloaded condition. The keys are kept safe from the owner personally or weapons in a safe place, eliminating access to weaponsnd any third parties, including close relatives). Police officers have the right to check the quality weapons storage from 07.00 to 22.00 hours. For violations of rules weapons permit system can be removed under applicable law. In case of loss or theft of weapons, as well as the relocation owner of the collectionRoe should immediately report it to the police which is registered weapons. In the case of three or more weapons, buildings (house, apartment) must be equipped with a security alarm output to PTSO officers. Gun owners should warn his relatives upon his death, the weapon must be within five daysto surrender to police in temporary storage to address the issue of inheritance. When you carry or transport a firearm must be unloaded condition (for semi-automatic weapons no cartridge in the chamber). In all cases, when carrying or transportation of arms, ammunition, the owner must carry withObi permit police the right to possession of weapons. It is strictly prohibited to transfer weapons to another person. To record the Victoria Antonova, Ostrog CF MIA