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In Ternopil continue to eliminate deep potholes on the roads

workers on the streets CP « Miskshlyahrembud » continue to eliminate deep gouges with a special organ Bituminous mixtures intended for use in the cold season. According to head of technical supervision of the City Council Oleg Vityk in TernOpole these work performed four teams. &Laquo; fostering weather, the city we continue to eliminate deep gouges to improve traffic conditions for vehicles. This weekend, work was carried out on the streets Deep, clay, textile, Tatar, Ob ’ bypass, Mykulynetska, Chaykivs'ka and on « Zbarazh ring & raquo ;,- Says Oleg Wityk. &Ndash; Similar work will continue in the future, despite the offer drivers and road condition survey results City & raquo ;. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council