In Khmelnytsky killers podolyanyna 41-year-old was sentenced to the harshest prison terms for kidnapping

residents of the city and killing one young Polonnoe vidbuvatyme life sentences, two received 15 years in prison. The murder occurred in late April last year. Message body was discovered in a wooded area in the vicinityytsi city came to Polonsky police department of local residents. The family went to rest in the country, but instead got a real positive emotions stress when near the place where the fire kindled discovered this terrible discovery. The body of a man was prykydane land, last year's leaves and branches of trees. People will callthe police. Law enforcement officers who went to the scene, found that the deceased is 41-year-old local resident. On the eve husband did not return home. During the opening of killing police found that on the day of the disappearance of the victim saw at a local store with a group of young people. Men vacationing together, drinkingalcoholic beverages. Later in the afternoon prodavchynya heard a summer terrace, where sat a company of any tovkotnechi sounds, and later saw how young men under arms dragged his older spivcharochnyka to the car, loaded it into the back seat and drove away. The woman has not given special attention, because I thought that people just took a little. In fact, as told detained during a party between them and the victim dispute. Man allegedly the first to stretch hands. Moons did not stand and attacked the enemy. Forces were unequal. The victim big vidhamselyly and then taken to a forest and finished off with a shovel lying in the trunk of a car. Thattraces, the body began to reason and ground branches and threw a shovel in the forest thicket. The next day, realizing that done, the trio decided to flee. Operatives found that the suspects have purchased tickets for the next train and went to the family of one of them up in Kirovograd region. There CID officers went Polonsky District Police withthe fields with colleagues from the Regional Department of the Interior. During the operation successfully managed to keep intruders. Polonsky City Court found the suspects guilty of kidnapping and premeditated murder and sentenced them to 14 years in prison. District Prosecutor's Office and the victim's family filed a complaint with the Court of Appealin Khmelnitsky region. Having considered the judges canceled the verdict of first instance and sentenced two murderers to 15 years in prison, and the third - to life imprisonment. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region