In the Transcarpathian region Perechyn police response to domestic violence seven "th

For the three months of this year in the Perechynsky and Velykobereznyansky areas were not committed any criminal offense on the basis of family and domestic relations. Although domestic conflicts in families occur fairly frequently. In Perechyn police station in thisin the year received 121 reports of offenses committed on the grounds of family and domestic relations. For each fact of police conduct a proper review. Since there was no evidence of criminal offenses, the police rowdy family brought to administrative responsibility for domestic violence. For actions within thePart 1 features st.173-2 Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses (domestic violence) punishment in the form of community service for a period of thirty to forty hours, correctional labor for up to one month minus twenty percent of earnings, or administrative detention for up to five days. Thus, the villagers Tur'ya-Remeta received thirty hours of community service because, being drunk, did riot family. A man insulted his wife obscene language, threatened her. A villager Small Bereznyj that Velykobereznyanschyni abused foul language his girlfriend and her mother, threatened physical harm to women. By their actions, too, was to drawand administrative proceedings. Unfortunately, domestic violence is now very common. Sometimes it becomes the norm showdown between native people. And the violence committed against women in general may seem "private family matter '. Chief of Police of Public Security police station Perechynsky Eugene Melnikov stressed that the person onknow domestic violence have to contact the police and get the necessary legal assistance. Only in this way can protect themselves from unlawful actions by a robber. Information Perechynsky District Police