Transcarpathia, in Beregovo district inspectors of police detained two illegal immigrants from Sudan

staff Berehiv police department Basil Prokopchuk and Tibor Saykov detained in the village Berehuyfolu two foreigners African appearance without any documents. Illegal migrants appeared to come from a distant Sudan. Dining precinct seasonc V.Prokopchuku policeman called to guard mobile pumping station, located on the outskirts of the village Berehuyfalu Berehiv area. The man said that close to the field station road going two black men. A few minutes precinct Basil Prokopchuk and Tibor Saykov arrived at the specified location where detainedtwo Africans. They speak Arabic and English, but no documents to confirm their identity or legal residence in Ukraine had. As later was found two men came from Sudan. One of them, 42 years old, the other - 44. The precinct immediately reported this fact of Duty Police Station and laborbureaucrats of the State Border Service. At the scene arrived investigative team and border guards. - This event is included in the magazine unified accounting statements and reports on committed criminal offenses and other events Berehiv police department - said Acting Head Berehiv police department Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Sakaiw. - The most illegals transferred to Mukachevo border detachment. Information Berehiv District Police