Luck: the opening of the 19 th exhibition-contest "Easter egg Wonderland"

In the art gallery "Luck" was opened 19 th exhibition-contest "Easter egg Wonderland", organized by the Department of Culture of the City Council and Lutsk art school. In ceremonies attended by Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev, Head of Culture City Council Tetyana drive, clergy, city public. Blessed event Bishop Vladimir-Volyn Matthew, vicar of Volyn Diocese UOC-KP. In art project that has become traditional for Lutsk hosted children ages 8 to 18 years. Works submitted for the contest of the authors made in the traditional manner - wax paintingOm with natural coloring or chemical dyes. The competition aims to preserve national folk art traditions of Easter egg painting, Easter establishment of national traditions involving children in the study and promotion of traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs unique, identify and support creative and gifted children. Before the jury enthorichnoyi exhibition-contest "Easter egg Wonderland" 230 participants submitted 652 eggs. Tatiana Gnativ gave participants' Easter egg Wonderland "from Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, who is working on a business trip, my sincere congratulations on the opening of the exhibition and the greatest of holidays - Easter. The mayor gave a letter to the young nucANKARA, their mentors, all Lutsk. Wishing prosperity, good luck to dream came true. He thanked the masters who created these little wonders. For each of them is unique, reflecting the traditions pysankarski edge. He said that this exhibition brings us to the bright holiday of Christ's resurrection. Wishing everyone peace, harmony and prosperity, said that the headWait supports activities that raise the patriotic spirit. Taras Yakovlev said: "Thank you very much, I hope Luciano, visiting the exhibition will experience a lot of light. It's nice that the participants are young children, it is said that Ukraine has a future. After all, the man who painted Easter egg, can not love their country, can not believeGod, do not dream of peace and prosperity in our land. " He noted that the Easter egg is a long-time attribute our country, each region has its own patterns and colors. Nice to see the exhibition is a huge variety of Easter eggs, which are created through excellent teachers and school management. Wishing to increase your gains, acquire new knowledge and techniques. DeeRector Lutsk art school, Honored Worker of Ukraine Ivan Havryliuk stressed that this exhibition our spiritual energy, because Easter eggs laid great tradition, symbolism carried through centuries. He gave representatives of the Union of Afghan participants ATO funds Lutsk art school gathered at the charityfirst exhibition, and even school pupils produced eggs to be transferred serviceman east Ukraine. Show results Competition announced Honored Worker of Ukraine, art, chairman of the jury Zoe Navrotska. She reported that 28 exhibitors Competition "Easter egg Wonderland" awarded incentive prizesand. The three winners received diplomas third-degree, three pysankari - Diplomas second-degree holders and named four diplomas and degrees - a Alevtina Melnychuk, John Kunakh Olga Karalyash Anna Sirbinenko. Winner of the Grand Prix was Alexander Matviichuk. They also received prizes. Exhibition winners of the 19 th exhibition-contest "Easter egg Wonderland" wouldoud on display until May 1. This was reported in Lutsk City Council