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Two Uzhgorod victims of Internet fraud

28-year-old Uzhgorod wanted to buy a bike over the Internet, and as a result lost 3,000 USD. A 23-year-old uzhhorodka similarly "bought" for 2000 USD vizochok children ... Police once again calls on citizens to be careful when buying products online network. A statement to Uzhhorodskoho Gorotdel police turned 28-year-old city. The applicant reported that unknown person fraudulently seized his cash in the amount of UAH 3,000. It turned out that the young man decided to buy a motorcycle through the website. Called the listed number and agreed with the "seller" price. He demanded partialthe first payment, the remaining money the buyer had to transfer after receiving motorcycle. Stipulated deposit uzhhorodets transferred to the bank account "seller". However, the promise of a motorcycle and not received. Of course, it is no money back ... A similar incident occurred and the 23-year uzhhorodkoyu. The woman had to buy baby carriage through Internet network. At one of the sites found what looked. In a telephone conversation agreed with "seller" of the price of goods. Trusting woman donated Guest 2000 hryvnia to his account, but the goods never received ... - Unfortunately, such cases are not rare, they are increasing. Once again, we encourage citizens to be careful and cautious. Before makingpayment or deposit check user reviews on this site. A better - insist on payment only after receipt of goods - suggests First Deputy Head of the Uzhgorod Gorotdel Police Major Alexander Bondarchuk. If you are still deceived, be sure to contact Gorotdel police or call to "102". Information Uzhhorodskoho CF MIA