In the Zhytomyr region rescuers trained staff of the International charitable organization algorithm of actions in case of an emergency

Basic safety rules of life and providing first aid to the victim without exception, need to know every conscious person. Indeed, given the present alarming given the knowledge and skillsand may be useful in any moment. April 8 rescuers Management DSNS Zhytomyr together with employees of the regional organization of the Red Cross visited Ukraine labor collective International Charitable Fund « Mission in Ukraine & raquo ;. In the event presented rescuers to choose from a variety of everyday thingsth consumption, including had to choose essentials for acquisition « alarming suitcases & raquo ;. At the same time employees of roses ’ yasnyuvaly why this or that thing is necessary in the first place and how it will be used in the future. With the task staff coped perfectly well, things were selected PRAcorrectly and provided Rose ’ explanations – clear and appropriate. Then nadzvychaynyky showed all present another edition of TV shows in DSNS Management « Safety of life & raquo ;, which proved to present an audio-visual procedure in case of an emergency, including when the threat of terrorist attack, that Mr.The required make heard the alarm sound « Attention all! » and how effective in identifying suspicious objects or explosive devices. However, employees of the regional organization of the Red Cross Ukraine with a special dummy, shown what to do with injury and how it is required to supportbut provide first aid during drowning, traffic accident, etc. epileptic seizure. In turn, rescuers also had the opportunity to train and re-fix in practice their knowledge of medical affairs. - Practical measures rescuers carried out systematically, because consolidate all acquired skills through theory and zdibnosdren takes place during practical for actions in the event of any emergency event or situation, - the interim Duty ’ yazky Head of Zhytomyr DSNS Basil Kuchyn. Therefore, the real threatening or dangerous situation is familiar man never rozhubytsya, mastered his own will assisve in trouble as myself and others. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region