In the Zhytomyr region firefighters prevented the fire destroyed the building housing

April 7 at 23:36 to point communications ’ connection 21st State Fire and Rescue village of Ruzhin received information about a fire in a private house in the village Vchorayshe. The fire was discovered 76-year-old owner of the home. Waking up in the night, she looked out the window and househoachyla that lingers roof of the house. My grandmother ran out and found that the fire completely engulfed the roof. Not a loss, old woke his son, who lives with her, that he called rescuers. Due to operational actions nadzvychaynykiv fire was localized at 00:10 and is completely eliminated at 1:20 and saved the house moDr. complete destruction by fire. Probable cause of fire was violation of fire safety when using the stove heating, since the chimney was in the cracks, and hay stored in the loft, which probably also broke. As a result of the events fire destroyed the roof home. The dead and injured is not. Currently, all the circumstances of the accident are established experts. In DCNA in Zhytomyr region