Vinnytchina "a feast in the circle of Roma families" (+ photos)

Under this slogan, the eighth of April, in the Regional Universal Scientific Library. KA Timiryazeva a meeting of the Club family entertainment and the development of "Family sontsekolo" on card with national customs and traditions. During the meeting met with seven of Roma'Pit, dedicated to the International Day of the Roma. Libraries partners in this project are the Department for Nationalities and Religions Administration, Vinnitsa NGO "Informational and educational center" axis "," Vinnytsia newspaper "sports club" Maximus ". The event was held with the support of the Culture and toursWMD RSA. Participating in the event were Deputy Head of Nationalities and Religions Administration, Head of Department for Nationalities Alla Ratynska, library staff, and school and university students. International Roma Day launched at the Congress of Roma around the world April 8, 1971in London. An important result of the Congress was the recognition of Gypsies world a united nation neterytorialnoyu and adoption of national symbols, flag and anthem, based on the popular song "Gela, Gela." Instead they use a number of emblem recognizable symbols: wheel tent, a horseshoe, a deck of cards. From then it was April 8 representativesnations around the world celebrate "International Roma Day" - the streets are lit candles as a symbol of the unity of the Roma people, and drained the water wreaths, symbolizing his plight without historical homeland. It is believed that the world lives within 2.8 million. Roma in Ukraine - about 48 thousand. In Vinnitsa region inhabited by about 1,000 Roma.Most of them are sedentary, are subject to state and actively participate in public life and is its equal citizens. Gypsies, indeed, a unique nation with their customs, traditions, songs and dances. Everyone who hears gypsy music, or visit the atmosphere Gypsy motifs, strong energy charge.To learn how to live the Roma and the most important family values, customs, rituals, social and political responsibilities, traditions cultural life of the people away Club meeting had the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable participants: Chairman of the Vinnytsia city organization "Roma skirts" Vladimir P.Grygorichenko, Family Martsenkevychiv - John Arsentiyovychand Olga Senchenko and family - Andrew and Natalie. Participants learned about the exhibition of books and periodicals on the topic: "Roma, lifestyle, traditions, myths" and Roma attributes, watched a video on the subject. During the meeting of the Club were used interactive forms of communication. In the audience had the opportunity to not onlyand learn a lot about the customs and traditions of the people, which has become an integral part of the people of Ukraine, but also plunge into the world of creative diversity Roma national culture. Recall that from June 2014. Vinnytsia Regional Universal Scientific Library named. KA Timiryazeva started the project - Family Leisure Club and Development "Family sontsekolo." Its main goal - FormationI understand ourselves citizens as part of his people with strong roots, family, traditions, customs and public involvement to actively participate in the cultural life of the region. Within the club has held four meetings, review the work of Ukrainian Olga Yanushkevich, familiarity with the customs and traditions of Lithuanian, Jewish, Belarusian families.This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration