Bukovynka in odnoselchanky stole a substantial amount of money

staff Zastavnivsky police department caught small village resident Kuchuriv which kind of odnoselchanky stole 1000 dollars and 500 euros. By Zastavna police asked 30-year-old resident of the village Small Kuchuriv. A woman reported that her room with kitchen disappeared Groshand. Employees of Criminal Investigation in conjunction with the district inspectors Zastavnivsky police department held a series of events that result in failed to identify zloumyshlennitsy. It was 53-year-old victim odnoselchanka. It was found that zloumyshlennitsy sometimes looked after the child victim and knew where the money is. The woman took advantage of the absencetions owners home and stole money. In order not to have noticed the disappearance of money zloumyshlennitsy some money left. The woman confessed to the crime and law enforcement officers returned the stolen funds. Investigating police department for this incident started criminal proceedings under Art. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Ongoing investigation. SZEM MIAUkraine in Chernivtsi region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/