The city Skole established a memorial in honor of Hero of Ukraine Oleg Ushnevycha

Initiated Skole District of PA " Freedom " February 15, 2015 has been installed and consecrated a memorial in honor of 31-year-old hero Square Ushnevycha Oleg, who died on February 20 sniper shot outside Instytutska. Head Rayonnoyi of PA " Freedom " Andrew Simon said that the installation location commemorative plaque well chosen, because of the city center Skole daily are not only hundreds of residents of the area, but all the tourists. &Quot; Every day this place will remind residents Skole district of heroes of the Revolution dignity that gave their lives for ouris a better future & quot ;, - said Andrew Simon. Also, to honor the memory of the heroes of Heaven hundred summer Svoboda together with the inhabitants of the town Skole plans to install a commemorative song. &Quot; On the background of a commemorative plaque, which we have consecrated must be stated in the form of blue and yellow and crimson-black flag image characters Nebesnoyi hundred. Also below we will place in a bed and lamp & quot ;, - reported hundreds of Heaven hero brother Oleg Ushnevycha, Skole deputy city council from PA " Freedom " Roman Ushnevych. According to Svoboda, honor the heroes were about 300 people, community activists, maydanivtsi, city residents Skole district representativesayonnoyi of PA " & quot ;, Freedom priests, chaplains, twin-maydanivtsi of Stryj participants ATO, district council representative PA " Freedom " Lviv, including Lviv regional council deputy Andrei Holyavko, and friends and family of the deceased hero. &Quot; a memorial plaque in honor of Hero of Ukraine Oleg Ushnevycha make a metalovyly our colleagues from Striyskoy city organization VO " Freedom & quot ;. Memorial plaque dedicated priests temple town Skole. Among the priests there were fathers who were chaplains on the Square, and is now the chaplains in the war that collect and personally sent to the area ATO funds and humanitarian aid involved in volunteering. The audiencewas also the father of Lubomir Safrynyuk Skins village Skole district, Lviv region, which was in the last days, 18-20 February 2014, with my brother Oleg and our kids from Skole District of PA " Freedom & quot ;, - said Roman Ushnevych. Also, after the funeral service guard of honor was made in honor of Salva Hero of Ukraine OnLega Ushnevycha and all the heroes hundreds of Heaven. The head Striyskoy District of PA " Freedom " Berezdetskyy Marian, who was at the Revolution Square in dignity, and now is a fighter battalion them. &Quot; Kulczycki " said: " We lack such a strong spirit of sincere patriot - nationalist, friend, brother Oleg Houchesnevycha. The victim, brought Oleg and sacrifice of hundreds of guys from Heaven gives us inspiration, strength and courage in the fight against the invader in Donbass & quot ;. After laying flowers at the grave of Oleg Ushnevycha in the House " Beskid " show premiere of the film " Commander " about Basil Cook, the last commander - General UPA. Film Sectionrysvyachenyy fighters for Ukraine, heroes past and present, including Oleg Ushnevychu. Written and directed by Vitaly Zagoruiko film - donechchanyn, author of several dozen documentary films and television programs. Assistant director, military and historical consultant Lubomir Horbach - founder and head " Company search of victims moyny " memory & quot ;, deputy Skole district council of PA " Freedom & quot ;. During his speech svobodivets Roman Ushnevych said: " It's hard to remember the events a year ago, as time passes, and wound the loss hurts. However, despite all this, we understand that Oleg together with all the heroes killed hundreds of Heaven for Ukraine, and will always be in ourand remembered as a fighter and hero of Ukraine. And the price paid hundreds of Heaven heroes, giving their lives for the better future of Ukraine, is too high. We, therefore, Ukrainian, must not allow ourselves to give up, give up. One should always remember those lost to find the strength to continue and finish what dreaming and that gave their lives ndRoe Heavenly hundreds and give Ukrainian military in the east & quot ;. Also Roman Ushnevych on behalf of his father, family, friends, thanked everybody who came to honor the memory of his brother Oleg Ushnevycha and all the characters. &Quot; Thank initiator and organizer of the event, spiritual fathers and all those who contributed to organizing and hosting this eventin & quot ;, - said Roman Ushnevych. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "