In Ternopil region the average cost of 1 student in 2014 to

to meet the educational needs of the population in the region in 2014/2015 academic year operates 842 full-time secondary schools Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, in which are 106.3 thousand. Students. In the 2004/2005 academic year, 911 schools enrolled 148.2 thousand. Students. Over 10years the number of schools has decreased by 69 (7.6%) and the number of students in this period - 41.9 thousand. (28.3%). Especially acute these processes have gained in rural areas, where markedly decreased the average class sizes and increased the number of schools and schools with small numbers of students. The average annual cost of maintenance of 1chnya in 2014 in the region is 10.8 thousand. UAH., while the cost of training one student in secondary school art. the number of students is 10 - 17 thousand. UAH. for the year, and in some schools 20-25 thousand. UAH in secondary school second century. with up to 40 students - 20 thousand. UAH., secondary school art. with up to 100 students - 15 thousand. UAH., which requires additional funds for the maintenance of tenacityil. By increasing expenses for ungraded schools reduced maintenance costs 1 student in urban schools 7,1- to 7,9 thousand. UAH. Thus, the average cost of one student in 2014 in the region amounted to 10.8 thousand. UAH .; by region - 12.1 thousand. UAH .; m. Ternopil and Chertkov - 7,1 thousand. UAH. This was reported in TernopilRSA