Chernigov: nothing to spoil the mood of Easter, should adhere to the rules of fire and public safety

approaching Easter. This day should be vigilant. After inherent attributes of worship - candles and lamps - can cause fire. On fire and public safety during the Easter holidays April 6 said during briefed in the RSA. Deputy Head of the Department of State supervision and control in DSNS Ukraine Yuriy Anykiyenko noted that religious buildings, as in any other crowded places must be sustained all fire safety regulations. However, currently DSNS not mandatory checks temples. These competenciesher only public outreach conversations with priests. Those, in turn, may seek a full test fire of the church. Also Yuri Anykiyenko emphasized safety features in the outdoor and home. - If you decide to dissolve a fire in the garden, you can only do itno closer than 15 feet from buildings and in calm weather. A lighted candles should not leave it unattended in the home and near flammable items, - he said. During the holidays near the temples and the police on duty. - About 1150 representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and 200 people with relevant community groups staying at the temples holidaystion evening. The number one place will depend on the population - said Acting Head of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Oleg Shimko. Also, increased police patrols will be conducted vacation spots. According to information from the State Administration