Transcarpathian police chief Sergei Sharanych communicate with citizens by the head of every

police officers listened carefully to the edge and has assisted in solving their problems. AMIA in the regular personal citizen militia leader Carpathian. On admission to the head of Internal Affairs colonel of militia Sergey Sharanycha be visitedlyzko dozen people. Yes, a retired police requested assistance from Uzhgorod converted him to retire. At the time, people involved in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, so I think it gives him the right to supplement to retirement. Sergey Sharanych called the head of the relevant ministry and gave him orders to deal on this issue. It's Mr.a reception and editor of one of the regional newspapers. He asked rozstezhenni understand a number of criminal cases referred to in the pages of his publication. Relevant evidence handed to journalists by hand head police area. Another uzhhorodets recently arrived from the zone ATO where he defends his homeland as part of the 128 th mechaniczovanoyi team. A soldier thanked consolidated Carpathian squad officer who is serving in Artemivsk Donetsk region. All problematic issues raised head Transcarpathian police took personal control. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region