The Khmelnytsky oblast during dismantling defunct constructing fallen down floor slabs, one person was killed and one saved.

February 16 at 13:00 on the item called ’ communications 18th State Fire and Rescue parts was reported that during the dismantling defunct building on the third floor of the fallen slabs are dead and injured. Messagingtion to the Rescue « 101 » came from the ambulance dispatcher. Immediately place the call came to rescue the State Emergency Services Slavuta district that using safety equipment raised slab, released 54-year-old victim and gave his ambulance. After ChoFirst man with a broken leg transported to the local hospital. Also at the scene found 39-year-old dead man, whose body is delivered to a medical examination in. Netishyn. On this fact Slavutsko law enforcement investigation. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast