In the Zhytomyr region Popilnya police detained two hunters metal

police officers accused local residents who encroached on other people's things metal. In both cases, stolen deleted continues clarify all circumstances. About 10.00 April 6 to Popilnyansky duty of the District Police asked 63-year-old resident of the area of ??applicationthe abduction of his yard metal ladder cost 300 USD. The police found that the theft did 43-year-old local resident. He seized stolen. In the evening of the same day to the next part was reported by 44-year resident of the area of ??the abduction from the territory defunct livestock complex scrap. For SLovamy applicant attacker export out of about 200 kg of metal. Law enforcement officers found that the offense did 54-year-old district. He seized another's property. Dear citizens! Built militia often fix diversified range of metal theft. Does not stop thieves stealing dishes, spare wire lines Radio Broadcastingtion, electricity and telephone cables, agricultural implements, to then pass these things paragraphs scrap metal. Police regularly conduct special events aimed at opening these thefts and identify existing underground scrap metal items. Keep in mind that both acts - including misappropriationuzhym property and violation of the order of scrap metal - recognized as a criminal offense in respect of which provides for liability Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region