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In Volyn outfit SSS detained and disarmed aggressive "visitors" filling

detainees were two intoxicated men. They seized object resembling a gun. Remote submitted for examination, an appointment made by the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. Around three in the morning attire State Security Service atMinistry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region, responding to a signal "Urgent call the police" made a visit to the petrol station located in the village Piddubtsi Lutsk region. At the scene of the police found out that same night, two young men, 1986 and 1989 were born who were in a state of extreme intoxication, namahalysya go to the commercial space filling. POS operator asked youths to leave because they barely stayed on his feet. Instead drunken visitors showed unwarranted aggression and attacked the gas station employee with his fists. Fortunately, my husband had to press "disturbing" button. Employees SSS arrested two night "guests". PEid a once-over in one of the detainees found object resembling a gun filled with ammunition. Men with weapons seized from them delivered to Lutsk district police department. The detainees were residents of a nearby village. For information about this case is included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. Weapons seized from criminalsS submitted for examination. VDSO at MIA Ukraine Volyn region