In the Transcarpathian region Mukachevo police told parents about drugs

students during the meeting with the parents of pupils in the village of Lucky Mukachevo district police and doctors-narcologists told about the harmful effects of drugs on the child. Parents showed a documentary and told what to do when the problemaffected their children. Head to combat drug trafficking MIA region Valery Shnurenko met parents of students one of the largest school district Mukachevo - Big Lucky village. In his speech, police colonel said that officially registered in 4000 is drug addicts. Although this really digira almost ten times higher. The policeman told about changes in the behavior of a child who started using drugs. The police officer showed parents how to look drugs, including marijuana, amphetamines. Also the device through which smoke "weed"; pills that are sold in pharmacies and which carry a risk to health, to use them in largenumber. - The ranks swell addicts mostly people who do not have basic knowledge about drugs and the consequences of their use. They believe that addiction is a distraction. At the same time do not realize the dangers it hides - said Valery Shnurenko. On the liability posed by children for possession and distribution of narcotics, toldActing Chief of the Criminal Police Juvenile Mukachevo Gorotdel police Alexander Korchnyavyy. In particular, sales of drugs, it comes with 14 years for possession - of 16. If the child has not reached a specified age, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents. Narcologists Mukachevo hospital Sofilkanych Natalia told about specialsialnyy test to determine the content of drugs in the body of the child, which can be made at home. She also warned parents against devastating impact of drugs on the child. If you have any similar problems or questions about this, please contact the department to combat drug trafficking MIA region, tel. (0312) -69-54-60. Or write to e-mail: . Information Mukachevo CF MIA