Lutsk on Easter night the streets will run public transport

Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk signed on the organization of public passenger transport on Easter. Routes, which will run buses and trolleybuses will cover almost all districts of the city. The mayor instructed the head of Lutsk enterprisesprises Igor Dombiku electric trolley movement to organize the night of April 12 11na (24.00 h. to 06.00 h.). Thus, the route 1 Bendeliani - Drama" will run two trolleys; route 3 Forestry - Drama" will transport one unit; route 4 AS-2 - Railway Station" - 1 pcs .; route number 5 "Dubno -Gordiyuk (Department GAI) "- 1 pcs .; route 8 CUM - Gordiyuk (Department GAI)" - 1 pcs .; route number 9 "CUM - Gordiyuk (Department GAI)" - 1 unit., two trolleys will run on routes 15 CUM - pr. Young - CUM" and 15a "CUM - pr.Molodi - CUM". In addition, the top Sunday (April 19) will provide work for eight trolley marchrutom 7 Train Station - p. Garazdzha "and ten buses on the route" Konyakina - Garazdzha (cemetery) ", which will be held in the forward and reverse directions streets and avenues: Konyakina, Gordiyuk, Collegiality, Young, Renaissance, Rivne (s mizhzminnoho sludge on the street. Konyakina and with. Garazdzha near the cemetery). A private equitynd Company "Lutsk ATP-10701" is recommended to bring additional traffic vehicles (up to 20 units) for the bus route 3 Garazdzha (cemetery) - Hospital" under the terms of a contract for the carriage of passengers by road from April 10 to 12 April and from 17 to 19 April and provide a bus trafficand the route 9 Teremnivska - s.Rovantsi (church)" on the night of 11 to 12 April (from 24.00 h. to 06.00 h.). This was reported in Lutsk City Council