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In the Transcarpathian region Rakhovsky firefighters during a fire in the village. Business rescued from destruction residential building

April 5 in the village. Business Rakhiv district fire engulfed the street facilities, where the summer kitchen and barn. At this time in the mansion was empty. Ignition noticed residents of neighboring houses, which was called the owner. He,in turn, came on the scene at 12:39 and reported promptly to the fire and rescue service. To eliminate fire fighters leveraging 3rd State Fire and Rescue parts. At 13:25 firefighters managed to localize the fire and at 14:15 – completely extinguish the fire. Through coordinated efforts of firefighters rescued from destruction residential BoudinageOK, is 2 meters from the center of fire. According to preliminary data, the fire resulted from crossing wires overhead power lines. Because of the strong wind from the spark wires were on the roof lit street facilities and hay that was stored in the attic. More flame ’ I quickly spread to the rest of the trees ’ of wooden buildings. Caused eathiyeyu under investigation since a fire destroyed overlapping summer kitchen, barn and property, located inside and 20 quintals of hay. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region