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In Vinnytsia subsidies for housing and utility services provided to the population under the simplified (+ photos)

"Now for the subsidy calculation is enough to fill only two documents: an application and a simplified declaration, personally or by mail to give consideration to the management of social protection residence "- this saidduring a press conference at the State Administration Deputy Chairman - Director of Education RSA Igor Ivasjuk. He sharpened the attention of journalists that the procedure for appointing such State aid is based on the principle of trust, the validity of the subsidy will be 12 months and provides automatic calculation of the following yearfor those citizens who have already received a grant in 2014. Games Ivasjuk focused on the limitations that have been removed for processing subsidy for 2015. Discontinued following limitations: - On property (other than a one-time purchase of more than 50 thousand); - The availability of a household of working age who do not work nor studyI am not registered as unemployed; - For renting the dwelling individuals who make out subsidies. According to preliminary calculations, the right to a subsidy will be blyzko15 million. Citizens of Ukraine. Production and delivery to residents of Vinnytsia Oblast application forms and declarations will perform the service providers in particular - PSC inspectors"Vinnytsyaoblenergo" having the most comprehensive customer base. "In addition, preparing orders Head to establish exchanges information with the fiscal authorities and the State Pension Fund of Ukraine to provide subsidies", - said Igor Ivasjuk. The main influx documents expected after May 10, when consumers get pown calculations for April, with the new tariffs for utilities. So, heads of regional state administrations and mayors of regional centers tasked to reinforce the social protection appropriate personnel. Thus, according to Igor Ivasyuka only in. The winery plans to introduce an additional 5 positions for proper and timely opratsyuvReference documents come from the public. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration