Luciana adopt Slovak experience of local government

As part of the NGO "Podolsky Agency for Regional Development", "transparent Ukrainian city: A pilot model of e-governance to improve administrative services" senior specialist software and computer software Natalia Hops involved in educationvisit the city of Martin (Slovakia). During the visit is planned introduction of a unique model transparent bridge, implemented in Martin and meeting with representatives of Transparency International in Slovakia. Bratislava. The participants of the study tour will be able to communicate with the Mayor. Hrnchiar Martin Andrew, representativessentatives of the City Council, the head of the international program "Transparent Slovakia" Emily Sitsakova-Beblav? and coordinator of the project Katarina Klinhovoyu. In addition, they will participate in the "round table" on the theme: "National Controller", "citizen as an assistant," "open elections", "Transparent Party". This was reported in Lutsk city radi