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In Ternopil region police seized in state enterprises over 4 tons of precursor

cases of illegal storage of industrial plants more than four tons of hazardous precursors found the department to combat drug trafficking regional police. As the deputy head of the fight against illicit traffickingDrug Regional Department of Internal Affairs Alexander Bunyak in the course of operational and preventive measures police checked the activities of a regional state-owned enterprises in Buchachsky region. Operatives found that the warehouse without proper documents stored hazardous precursors - hydrochloric and sulfuricacids which can be used to manufacture drugs. The use of these chemicals are allowed only if the relevant documents, but chemicals stored at the plant without a license. Law enforcement officers seized all illegal substances and sent for examination. Details about this event included the Unified Register of pre-trialinvestigations on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 320 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - violations of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors. Guardians establish channels for unlicensed precursors to the enterprise. Continues pre-trial investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region