Khmelnytsky police joined the nationwide movement "No bribery" (+)

All Khmelnytsky police leaders in the presence of hundreds of NGOs on their own initiative signed a symbolic declaration of commitment, which is distributed nationwide movement "No bribery! I do not give and do not take bribes. " Andcue law enforcement "flash mob" was held at a public hearing in the regional police custody in the presence of leaders and representatives of nearly a hundred NGOs from all interest. Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region Semenyshyn Nicholas, who first signed the symbolic document and urged his colleagues to this, we notein: - This document is symbolic, but it demonstrates a kind of agreement with his own conscience. Before you look for flaws in someone else, you need to start with yourself. The same applies to the fight against graft. This declaration I Semenyshyn Nikolai, certify that in my personal and professional life will not give, and will not take Hublv. Also this declaration I confirm their participation in spreading the idea of ??a national movement "No bribery! I do not give and do not take bribes "for building a new and prosperous Ukraine. Relay signing the "Declaration bezhabarnosti" Colonel started, picked up not only colleagues, but also representatives of the authorities and the public asand were present in the hall. Valery Thomas, one of the leaders of that movement initiated and developed a symbolic declaration noted that during the existence of their union is an unprecedented case where law enforcement is not just a signed document, and they first turned to the organization and have initiated a public signing. CG Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region