In the Rivne region higher vocational school again greeted guests

April 4 in Rivne Higher Vocational School of Public Service of Open House was held. Having opened its doors on March 21, management has decided once Recommend opportunities and invite to the study. Guests at the door of friendly encountersDo staff and students. Despite the cold weather, wanting to get acquainted with the work of the College were many. Not only stories but also clearly seen in guests professionalism and skill workers School, which demonstrated the weapons and special means used by police departments in Ukraine, made a show departurealong detention of the signal "Alarm" of the protected object. Participants visited classrooms, saw firsthand the conditions in which they live, eat and spend their leisure military cadets. Many questions turned to join, because the rules change every year and this year are also features. Mostly Priesttnih parents and students interested in the value of points that will be considered for admission. Head answered questions. If you have not visited Rivne Higher Vocational School in open days, your questions will answer on the phone. (0362) 61-29-67. To view detailed information on admissions visit Mr.and site UDSO at MIA Ukraine Rivne region