In the Rivne region rescuers had classes with teachers school education for action in case of emergency

February 16 in the district adult education center staff Dubrovytsky raysektoru Main Department DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region together with the head of educational and counseling center civil protethat city. Sarni Vladimir Denysyuk held a workshop on Introduction of high alert in Rivne. During the event, rescuers trained educators safety rules in terms of emergencies and actions in detection of explosive device or suspicious object. In his speech DSNS staff informed the audience that terorysty mask explosives in household items and toys, so everyone should know the safety rules in the case of such objects, and to teach his students the rules to prevent their injury or death. Also, school leaders have proven rules of conduct when warning the population, such as sounds cheeseEna Civil Protection « Attention all! & raquo ;. Rescuers were told that in the event of this signal, most importantly – stay calm and act upon proven instructions. In addition, employees of the State Service of the National Assembly teachers showed short video on how to proceed in case of emergencies and gave answersWell Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu literature and city ’ interest. Dubrovitsky PC PG DSNS in Rivne region