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In Vinnytsia measures to prevent acts of terrorism (+ photos)

To prevent the possibility of terrorist attacks in apartment buildings or near - organize study the actual state and location of buildings, for this purpose requires that a responsible person of utility of regular surveysb surrounding area, basement and technical areas. Knowledge of the real state of residence and features of the territory is extremely important to prevent the possibility of a terrorist attack. Learn that room, units, units installed (built) in the building and around it (on the perimeter) and find out clearly: ? whom they servedI or rented; ? who is responsible for their operation and maintenance; ? Phones tenants and owners of premises and equipment, telephones duty uniformed and emergency services; ? carefully review the scheme and its entrance floor residence; ? select among the most responsible senior citizens at home, entrance; ? readplace possible place explosives, storage of explosive substances; ? remember a face attached workers utilities, serving your home. Do not leave unattended appearance at the house of outsiders who have no affiliation to it functional, but seek to examine it and penetrate it wcused the inhabitants of the place in the house that are suitable for laying charges or handling explosives. Pay particular attention to parking near the house of strangers, neglected cars loaded and sealed containers strangers and other suspicious items. If you notice suspicious persons and objects urgent callin regular service: (67-11-35 - another RSA Department of MCD ? "102" 59-33-29 - another city Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine ? "101" 35-53-35 - another PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region (53-13-09 - another SBU in Vinnitsa region (60-15-60, 65-15-60 - "LIVE guard" Training Center of Civil Protection and withoutsafety of life Vinnitsa region This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration