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Chernigov: Easter holidays

Chernihiv City Centre of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth in cooperation with the City Department of Chernihiv criminal executive inspection initiated a master class on painting Easter eggs for women who are in conflict with the law. Classes are held leading specialist CHMTSSSSDM Alla Sirikit.  it is difficult to knowyou are someone who would remained indifferent and not fond of beautiful Ukrainian Easter eggs, these true masterpieces of fragile goods human hearts and hands. Easter eggs in ancient times painted some Slavic tribes. In his Easter eggs reflect our ancestors world in which they lived, their views and beliefs, honored the sun as a heat source and springth awakening, namely easter egg, was a symbol of the origin of life. Invited women not only mastered the art of painting, but also joined the Easter egg knowledge about diversity. Since pagan times there are numerous patterns and symbols that are used for painting eggs. Over time, these ornaments have become archetypes Christian semantics. Whathere did not see: the rich "vegetation" - periwinkle, grape, rose, pussy willow tree; and fauna - "settlement" birds, horses, fish, goat, Rooster; and geometric patterns - meanders, circles, triangles, crosses, swastikas. And all this intricately interwoven in a small shell eggs, forming a completely accidentalovyy picture. For each character pattern and had a very specific meaning. And according to the egg could "encode" the most diverse information and suggestions on various occasions. For example, a pregnant woman gave Easter eggs with some ornaments that bore the wishes of the child care that is born. Easter eggs were given as a token of good wishes-being, success, joy. They symbolize the expression of universal love, were given to friends, relatives and acquaintances. Traditionally Eggs written during Lent. They wrote all - both children and adults, although the hostess probably the most. The organizers believe that the acquired skills and knowledge will be useful to women. These sessions were conducted for children and youthwith disabilities. According CHMTSSSSDM