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Ivano-Frankivsk region traces attacker brought to neighbor mansion

in Kolomna district police officer found that the theft of metal items pensioner court made its neighbor. The event happened on Saturday. About stealing metal objects from the parent told the court the daughter of a neighboring resident of Chernivtsi region. A woman came to theweekend to visit his father and learned that he had been robbed. She appealed for help to the district inspector. The police officer found that the theft was involved in the 60-year-old victim odnoselchanyn. He is accused of committing another property crime. Criminal proceedings precisely this fact is considered in court. This time lyhodiy ambushed when the owner is not at home, and through the back yard was on foreign territory where stolen metal curtain Gate and meter pipe. Information on this fact made in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. A criminal proceeding for criminal offense - theft. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in IvanoFrankivsk region