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The status of the requests for information in Rivne Oblast Prosecutor 3 months 2015

During the first quarter of 2015 the prosecutor's offices Rivne region considered 22 requests for information, of which 14 provided information on request (64%), 8 - given roses 'explanations (36%). The other information providers to 5 requests. Much molkist requests reviewed apparatus regional prosecutor's office and prosecutors Kuznetskov cities and the levels Bereznovsky, Rivne region, Ostrog interdistrict. Often applied for information on pre-trial investigation (5 requests) personnel matters (4), for representing the interests of citizens and the state in court (2) and for oversightand observance and application of laws (2). During this period, the apparatus regional prosecutor's office reviewed 13 requests, of which 8 provides information requests clarification - 5 to other administrators - 4. Work on access to public information was covered by the media. In particular, since the beginning of 2015 made 3 appearances,concerning the work on access to public information. Division for consideration of letters, Reception and access to public Information prosecutors Rivne region