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Thriller "Terminally live" in Lutsk present actor Alexander Hereles

Present Ukrainian feature film "Terminally live" Lutsk come to the protagonist of the film, actor Alexander Hereles. This IA ZIK reported Vitali Luchko-Klymovets the organizing committee. Film « Terminally living » shot in the best European traditiongenre of psychological thriller, drama, detective. It – one of the most anticipated and intriguing Ukrainian film 2015. In early February, the film was presented at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival at the European Film Market, which received good reviews thriller. Thriller Plot « Terminally living » revolves aroundmystical prophecies, for three years via SMS gets famous Ukrainian writer on them ’ I Semen. And no matter how acting protagonist of the film, the message from an unknown number certainly true. All attempts to find the author of the prophecies end in failure. Simon lives a relatively quiet life for as long as he did not belchdit another message … Director, actor and screenwriter of the film « Terminally Alive » &Ndash; Maxim Stetskov (« Strange People & raquo ;, « Old Dog & raquo ;, « Charlie ») – one of the 10 most promising young directors Ukraine » according Ukrainian Delegation of the European kinoasotsiatsiyi NISI MASA and Mizhnarodnoyi Federation of Film Societies. The roles of « Terminally Living » performed such talented actors like Victoria Varley, Alexander Hereles Maxim Stetskov, B ’ Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Michael Crystal, Oleg Prymohenov and others. Solemn doprem ’ yernyy show full-length film in Ukrainian Lutsk on 13 April at 19.00 in the cinema&Laquo; Premier City & raquo ;. Told