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In Khmelnytsky firefighters eliminated fire in a building

April 4 at 23:09 to the Rescue « 101 » Shepetivka received a report of a fire in a building on the street. Plischynska in. Shepetivka. Call the owners and households reported burning attic of the building. Immediately call came to the rescue of the monthing State Emergency Services District Shepetovskogo that as part of link gazodymozaschitny service fire area of ??60 square meters. m. localized at 23:18, eliminated at 23:22. Due to operational actions of firefighters prevented the spread of fire to the room of a house. The fire damaged coatings, flooring and building things Homeashnoho use. The likely cause of the fire – violation of fire safety during the placement and operation of furnace heating. ACCIDENTS fire was. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast