In Ternopil held peredvelykodniy

Fair Fair Peredvelykodniy agricultural products held in Ternopil April 4. During Torhovytsia manufacturers from all over the region sold in the amount of 4 million 762 thousand. 745 UAH. According to the director of the Department of Agricultural Development of Regional Administration Oleg pressure, it is fair is the engine that the price of the agriculturaling products falling all over the city. "In supermarkets, food prices fell during the week before the fair and kept at this level for about two weeks after Torhovytsia - said Oleg pressure. - Bids were lower than normal, but it is primarily due to unfavorable weather conditions. " Director of the Department AgroPromindustrial development RSA said that this fair product range was extremely wide, and assured that all the goods - quality. "In our fairs no retailer where the product unverified. Here a group of veterinarians who see to it so that products meet all standards - continued Oleg Romanovich. - Most bunchshafts meat and meat products, while demand fell for sugar and vegetables Borscheva set. " Peredvelykodniy visited the fair and Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stepan Barna. "I am grateful to all producers who have presented their products, - the head region. - We will continue to initiate fairs, because it is supportedICA local producers and buyers - the opportunity to purchase cheaper. " After Stephen Bar along with Mayor Sergei Nadal Ternopil region Terebovlya noted as the best at this fair and awarded a prize. We add trade continued at the main stadium; at the crossroads. Peace, Friendship; on the street. L. (near the house 39)and on the street. Les Kurbas (platform market "Galician"). This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration